PollDaddy exposes some of its functionality via an Application Programming Interface (API). This document is a reference for that functionality, and aims to serve as a reference for developers building tools that interact with PollDaddy.


To access the the API methods you will need a PollDaddy account. If you do not have one already, go here.

You will need to request an API key from the following here. Your API key is just informs us where the request is coming from.

You will also need a usercode so we know who is making the request. You can request the usercode once you have the API key and you PollDaddy account login details (email/password).

If more than one user is going to use this key to access the API, then you must submit a unique User ID. This is usually an ID that is used on a partners system to identify a user. Submit this partner user id when creating an account.

HTTP POST XML requests

To make a request to the API, you need to to send a HTTP POST request where the payload is XML.

This XML payload must conform to the XSD Stylesheet here.

The HTTP POST request also must set the content type to “text/xml”.

Send the request to

API Request Method Types

There are 3 different request method types:


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